Xcellerate Recruitment Analysis & Forecasting

Xcellerate® Recruitment Analysis & Forecasting, a built-for-purpose application, improves enrollment predictability and mitigates risk throughout a study to meet patient recruitment and delivery milestones.

Drives informed decisions in real time

Projects recruitment milestone scenarios

Enables course correction to plan

Value it Brings to the Outcome of a Trial

Xcellerate Recruitment Analysis and Forecasting uses unique-to-the industry historical investigator data and artificial intelligence to forecast recruitment with detailed timelines before and during the enrollment period.

Xcellerate Protocol Design Tool

Our Analysis and Forecasting group applies our historic investigator recruitment performance data and experience of running Phase I dose escalation and expansion studies (cohort designs) in a study-tailored model to illustrate a possible outcome for patient recruitment. As the study progresses, cohorts are completed and data analysed, the models are adapted to reassess the delivery of recruitment and the planning of future studies.


Patient Recruitment is the biggest challenge in delivering clinical studies. Many studies are extremely volatile, and there are many ways to model a study. Xcellerate Recruitment Analysis and Forecasting can provide detailed and flexible projections to easily model any scenario. The application takes into account numerous factors to model the timelines for any given study to give a more realistic representation against expectations.

Some granular factors that our team can model against are site-specific data for start-up times, closure dates, recruitment rates, holiday periods and seasonality and study design strata and subgroups. Xcellerate Recruitment Analysis and Forecasting sets a minimum and/or maximum number of patients to be recruited within a country and/or regional level to measure the impact on enrollment. Continual assessment throughout the study allows for early identification of risks and development of mitigation plans.

Site performance indicators provide insights into actual performance versus expectations and compare to prior months, highlighting sites where focus may be needed and estimating the likelihood of a site ever recruiting.

Our projections include AI projections of clinical endpoints (eg death, disease progression), providing a tighter control on when a study may end.

Benefits of Xcellerate Recruitment Analysis and Forecasting:

  • Agile: provides flexible and detailed modeling capabilities to account for the impact of all variables 
  • Predictive: projects recruitment milestone scenarios
  • Effective: drives informed decisions in real time  
  • Efficient: enables course correction to plan
  • Dedicated: conducted by a team of specialists who understand circumstances and apply different statistical methods 

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