Xcellerate Action Alerts

As a fully automated tool, Xcellerate Action Alerts continuously monitors clinical study data and sends actionable alerts and notifications to study teams, boosting clinical study monitoring and improving quality management.

Integrates into existing trial management source systems

Provides alerts and notifications which are logged, tracked and reportable from within the system

Detects and addresses operational issues proactively

Value it Brings to the Outcome of a Trial

Xcellerate Action Alerts applies standard templates for common metrics to enable clinical study teams to quickly deploy and customize study action alerts. These alerts bring confidence to the study team that the right team members will be alerted when actions may need to be taken. Xcellerate Action Alerts replaces the time-consuming and unreliable manual surveillance processes many study teams use today.


Studies are becoming more complex, with more data sources, more clinical trial management systems, larger teams and more geographical locations than ever before. To successfully manage quality, study teams need a way of ensuring that they are aware of expected and exceptional metrics and events across all systems in near real-time.

With Xcellerate Action Alerts, alerts can be driven by any study data that is available electronically. Alerts can contain high-value information, including study, country, site and subject detail, operational metric and risk values, suggested actions to be taken and specific details such as adverse events and protocol deviations. 

Benefits of Xcellerate Action Alerts: 

  • Agnostic: integrates into existing trial management source systems
  • Compliant: reduces the possibility that routine or critical events are missed
  • Convenient: sends alerts and notifications via email
  • Easy-to-use: provides alerts and notifications which are logged, tracked and reportable from within the system
  • Effective: detects and addresses operational issues proactively 
  • Efficient: reduces reliance on manual surveillance processes 

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